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Blue Friday Match up Focus: The Jacksonville Jaguars

Blue Friday Match up Focus: The Jacksonville Jaguars

Sunday, September 22, 2013 - 4:25 pm ET CenturyLink Field, Seattle, Wash. When the Seahawks host the Jaguars this weekend there are only three things that could possibly stop them from victory. 1. A complete and total mental collapse in front of the 12th Man. 2. A potential point shaving scandal. (19.5 Vegas…really?) 3. One of the … Continue reading


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  • Seattle Seahawks Need to Resurrect Their Passing Offense and Save This Season
    If a toolbox were to be filled with the NFL’s offenses, the Seattle Seahawks are the hammer. Not the nail gun, with its combination of danger if not used properly and rapid efficiency. The nail gun completes the job with time to spare, and little physical effort is required. No, the many passing-oriented teams wield their nail guns. The Seahawks prefer a sim […]
  • 'The Best Home-Field Advantage in Sports': Faces Behind the Seahawks' 12th Man
    Fans of the Seattle Seahawks call themselves the "12th Man" and describe themselves in one word: loud. What does it take to be part of the 12th Man? Can the fans will their beloved Seahawks to a second consecutive Super Bowl title? Watch as Bleacher Report profiles some of the many faces that make up the 12th Man in the video above.Read more Seattl […]

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