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Blue Friday Match up Focus: The Jacksonville Jaguars

Blue Friday Match up Focus: The Jacksonville Jaguars

Sunday, September 22, 2013 - 4:25 pm ET CenturyLink Field, Seattle, Wash. When the Seahawks host the Jaguars this weekend there are only three things that could possibly stop them from victory. 1. A complete and total mental collapse in front of the 12th Man. 2. A potential point shaving scandal. (19.5 Vegas…really?) 3. One of the … Continue reading


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  • NFL Punishes Seattle Seahawks for Being Too Good at Home?
    It’s not personal, Seattle. It’s just business.  Seattle Seahawks fans love their home-field advantage. They bathe in the sonic havoc of the 12th man and relish every blowout their team puts up at home. There’s a double edge to the Seahawks’ wild success at defending their home turf, however: It’s bad for ratings. Indeed, it would appear Seattle’s penchant f […]
  • 4 Creative Moves the Seattle Seahawks Can Pull on Draft Day
    The Seattle Seahawks have drafted very well in recent years and will look to build on that reputation with next month's draft. They will have a number of options come draft day and may be doing some wheeling and dealing in order to make the most of the draft. Of their viable options, one will be to trade up or down in the earlier rounds in order to targ […]

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